Hii, This is Neyaz, Today's topic  is curruption , I will discuss about how's  it pulling  our nation back,

            Corruption is the unethical act performed by the group of people using power of position or authority to acquire personal benefits. It is a social issue which adversely affects the economy of nation. It is the highly infectious social disease which has spread its roots to the mind of the bad people.

No one take birth to do such type of bad activities in the society however some bad conditions of their life forced them to do so. Gradually they become habitual for all of these bad activities. However, people suffering from any problem, disease, etc should keep patience and trust on themselves and never do anything bad in life. As, one negative step of anyone may harm the lives of many people. We are not a single entity on this earth, there are many like us, so we should think a little about others and live life happily and peacefully with positive thoughts.

           Now a day's government offers a Lot of benefits to poor families  in our country to bring social  awareness and equality in society,  But poor peoples are not getting benefited, Advantage given by government as many currupted officers doing  curruption  and they fulfilling their own pocket, That's also a reason of our backwardness.

      In our country there are many corrupted poltician, They use their power only for self benefits not for public, not for society,

    They are making interest oriented programmes and policies instead of nation oriented programmes and policies. They are just wishing to be famous politician for completing their own interests instead of citizen’s interests and requirement




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This article is about Kolhua Pakri Village,
               The village name is Kolhua Pakri, Sometime People used to call only Pakri, Pakri Village belongs to Kolhua Chautarwa Panchayat, this village situated 25 away from sub district headquarter Bagaha.
             All cast of people living here. There are almost 100 muslim Families and 150 Hindu Families living here.

Pakri Masjid ,  Photo Captured by Neyaz

●Village Name - Kolhua Pakri

●Block- Bagaha

●Post- Kolhua

●Police Station- Chautarwa

●Pin Code- 845106

●Total Population- 2837

Pakri Mandir, Photo captured by Neyaz

                 I'm also habitant of this village and I love my village, I think everyone loves her birth place, her village. Our country is an agricultural country most of its people live in village. we villagers live in the midst of natural surround, we breathe fresh air that promote our health and in village, there is no noise and smoke of factories also we easily get pure milk and ghee
That's not easy to get in city,


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Today I'm going to write about myself, So Let's Start...

                    First of all I would to say huge thanks for visiting to my blog and intresting to knowing about me. I think it is hard to introduce yourself as we all know completely about yourself so we get confused, where should I start,

                  So now let's start with Name,  My self Neyaz , many of my friends used to call me "SALMAN" I'm not a celebrity,  I'm just a simple boy. I born and raised in a village. I studied till schooling in government School, and I completed my schooling from Bihar board in 2013
My school name was High School Bhairoganj. I hadn't gone school everyday like a other Students but I regularly attended my coaching classes, whatever I prepared for 10th exam that was just because of my  coaching classes, My Coaching Name was "SUCCESS POINT TUTORIAL COACHING CENTRE" I passed 10th exam with first division and whole credit goes to my Teachers,  Specially Naveen Sir, And Ranjeet Sir.

              What a day was, when I was studying in 10th class, I had many friends, Sometime we used to fought each other and I think that was love, I miss that day,
             After complete schooling, I went to Ambala for further study , from "Haryana State Board of Technical Education" I completed my diploma(Mechanical) Nowadays I'm at home
working on www.thenewspur.com as Chief Editor. It's not my PROFESSION it's just for FUN, For Time pass,

                  I'm always positive on every aspect of life , there is many things I like to do, I like to see,  but someone broke my heart and gave me a pen of pain so my hobie changed to  writing shayri some frnd are started to calling me Shayr.

        Thanks for reading this  article,  and visit again I will write something new. Don't forget to subscribe.

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